Chain DLK: "I am blown away by the brilliance of Gargrim the Liar who possesses the tools and the knowledge of everything in the world of fantasy music."

Musique Machine: "Gargrim The Lair's 'No Way Out' with it's manly spaghetti western vocal chorus and clashing swords percussion, dwelled over by a majestic mix of synth strings and brass heroics."

Musical Zone: "Gargrim the Liar 'No Way Out' is a very atmospheric song in another way (than previous song) with excellent choral outbursts filled with grandeur and power! The song is at times similar to Hans Zimmer's song 'Red Warrior' (Last Samurai)."

Chain DLK: "The track 'The Pavilion' is one of the best on the compilation! It has a slow and searching beginning but after a while it is pure magic. Very atmospheric, beautiful and haunting."