Alive and kicking

5 November, 2014

Oh, perhaps not very much. But this music project will continue and actually I WILL write and produce some new songs in the future. I just need to upgrade my Cubase to the latest version and get a new dongle, the old one with my license died. Thanks so much for purchasing original software! 

Stories of Long Forgotten on Bandcamp!

11 June, 2015

Finally I've gotten my act together and you are now able to purchase the album at Bandcamp as of this minute! Gargrim the Liar on Bandcamp

"Silvano's Waltz" my most played song

30 November, 2014

Apparently my song Silvano's Waltz is my most popular song from my album "Stories of Long Forgotten" on Soundcloud. It's pretty interesting and weird at the same time. It is my first and only try of something different and especially in 3/4 instead of the usual 4/4. I wonder why this song is so "popular", alright no very many plays, but it almost as popular as all the other tracks combined, Any ideas people?